Key Marketing Tips in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency today, the marketing process that you adopt should be specific to the property type, the location, and your relevant skills and knowledge. When you are specific in sending all three messages, it’s a lot easier for you as an agent when it comes to winning listings.

We all know that every listing presentation will usually be Blossoms by The Park a competitive process. To win any listing in sales or leasing you will be up against a few agents as part of that process. In many respects the client may have made a preliminary decision or short list of agents prior to the final presentation and pitch that you put forward. On that basis, your marketing solutions and presentational strategies need to be of the highest quality. You must stand out as the best agent for the job.

Here are some specific marketing strategies to help you show your relevance as a top commercial real estate agent:


    1. The marketing process is quite visual. This then says that you should have a significant selection of visual material to use as part of any client connection opportunity. Carry with you samples of other listed properties, completed transactions, and marketing alternatives.


    1. The client may or may not know much about your company. On that basis you will need to show them a track record that can apply to the property type and your town or city. Show the client how you have worked through some real challenges that apply to the property type. Provide some testimonials from satisfied customers and clients in the local area.


    1. When it comes to selling or leasing a commercial or retail property today, the marketing process should be quite specific. This then says that a target market needs to be defined, and the marketing solution needs to tap into that target market. Clarity is a key requirement of the process.


    1. Telling your client that you will advertise the property in the local newspaper will do nothing to help you win the listing. Tell the client exactly how you will promote the property directly to the correct target audience. Help them see that you will be involved in the direct marketing process and you will not be relying on standard generic promotional alternatives.


    1. Be prepared to talk about the results of the market when it comes to enquiries, prices, and rentals. Understand how prices and rentals have changed over the last few years and carry with you a selection of Gantt charts that show the trends of the market. Those charts can help you convert the listing to a more attractive and reasonable price or rent.


  1. Today we are blessed with a significant array of business tools and strategies that can be used in property marketing. Generic promotions are therefore a waste of time and should only be reserved for open type listings. As a general rule, only take an open listing if you can see some future benefit with a buyer or tenant that you know of. The agents that take on open listings are generally average in commission outcomes. The best agents convert exclusive listings most of the time and will generally walk away from open listings.


To win more listings today, the marketing process you provide to your clients has to be both specific and relevant. Take the time to package the property to the results that the client requires, and the available current levels of enquiry that you are tracking. Show the client how you will do that, and seek an exclusive listing as part of the process.

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