How to Avoid Common Mistakes in Idea Marketing

Step 1 – Introduction

When the time comes and you are ready to market your idea, most likely you will turn your attention to large companies for help. After all, you are telling yourself, these huge, large corporations are experienced in invention marketing and will take care of my idea; they have unique domain knowledge and the expertise necessary for me to succeed. Without much adoinventing an idea, you take your idea and knock on the door of big conglomerate. You are asked to explain your idea and provide business plan. By the end of the day you are told to stay patient and wait while the big boys are taking care of you. You wait weeks and months; keep telling yourself that the phone may ring any day now. Unfortunately nothing happens until you give in – you call first and told that your idea was too non-commercial…

Step 2 – Benefits Of Working With Smaller Companies

Stories like these are common when inventor has to deal with large corporations. It is a fact that the bigger the company is, the more bureaucratic it is. Many big companies lose focus and often hire employees who are either not qualified for the job, or just not interested in what they are doing. If you come across these folks who are trying to make you feel insignificant (and your idea unimportant and impractical) don’t get discouraged by this – chances are you will be better off dealing with smaller company that is more focused and willing to take risks! inventing an idea

Many smaller companies are focused on producing products that are specific to your area of interest. These companies are hungry for success and willing to take risks and introduce something new into the market in order to put themselves on the map. In addition, organizational structure of these smaller companies is less bureaucratic and it will be easier for you to come across people willing to take risks.

Step 3 – Benefits Of Market Your Invention Yourself

Another excellent option is to market your invention yourself (for example on the World Wide Web or magazines). Many internet companies allow users to create websites right out of the box, without any programming. This might sound like a lot of leg work and involve lots of planning and analyzing. Indeed, it is. The benefits, on the other hand, will be payoff rewarding! However, before embarking on this exciting journey, one need to carefully analyze and determine things like:



Production Costs

– Product Safety Features



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