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Chronograph watches have been around for some generations now, however it would appear that they are still going to be here with us for a few generations to follow. Currently one of the top lines of watches on the market, the ownership of an expensive watch seems to be developing into a true trend and it is gathering more and more followers on a yearly basis, without any other advertising campaigns or complicated promotion methods. Today World Info

Their true statement of taste, strength and reliability make chronograph watches one of the most used accessories on the market today. Truly a remarkable tool, this special tool is going to help you mind all your remedial activities of the day in a precise manner and as we all know, a punctual man or woman is also a reliable man or woman.

Before we discuss about some of the properties these great clocks have we must first talk a bit about the birth of these machines. I can not tell you a precise day and year when these special watches suddenly appeared on the market, however I can tell you for sure that the man who redefined the essence of chronograph watches was named Antoine LeCoultre.

He had a factory in Switzerland that was focused mainly around watches, however he took the art of telling time to a whole different level, and started producing some chronographs that were simply out of this world with extraordinary precision up to the second and also with a beauty and elegance that was never before encountered in a watch. Later on, Antoine merged the company with a chap named Edmond Jaeger and thus Jaeger LeCoultre was born and now the brand is shortly referred to as JLC.

Right now the leading brand for these watches is still JLC and for good reason also. They produce great watches that can be used on any occasion and this is where all the advantages start. A good chronograph can be used in combination with any dress code and at any occasion.

A steel bracelet gives out the impression of strength and looks great at a formal party. A leather bracelet from alligator hide will cost you $20.000 however people in the upper class know exactly what you are wearing, and the level of quality you are accustomed to. A water resistant chronograph watch that can truly last up to 330 feet underwater, can be used for scuba diving and also in other swimming events. A good chronograph can be used at almost every occasion.


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