Cement Industry – Attractive Option For Investment in India

Cement is one of the main Investment climate industries that plays a pivotal role in the growth and expansion of a nation. The cement industry is one of the main ben eficiaries of the infrastructure boom in the country. The Indian cement industry is huge, and it has great production capacity. Currently, the total production capacity of cement in India is about 165 million tonnes, which is the second largest in the world.

Cement is one of the vital constituents that is required for every construction purpose, such as industrial, housing, and also for construction of infrastructures, such as roads, ports, bridges, power plants, and so on. Thus, the cement industry is a significant contributor to the revenue collection of the government.

In India, the cement industry in the initial stages grew very slowly and the supply struggled to meet the demands. However, the scenario changed drastically after the liberalization period. It began to grow and since then the supply of cement has always managed to keep pace with its demand.

Today, the cement industry in India is one of the most advanced and pioneering sectors in the country, and the industry has a huge potential for growth and attracting new investments. The cement industry in India uses the most modern and world-class technology. Also, because India has a high quantity and quality of limestone deposits throughout the country, the cement industry promises huge potential for growth.

The government of India has set ambitious plans to increase the production of cement in the country, and to attain the target the government has made huge investments in the sector. The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, which falls under the central Ministry of Commerce and Industry, is the agency that is responsible for the development of the cement industry in the country. The agency is actively involved in keeping track of the performance of cement companies in the country and provides assistance and suitable incentives when required by the company. The department is also involved in framing and administering the industrial policy for foreign direct investments in the sector. Apart from formulating policies, the department also promotes the industry to attract new foreign investments in the sector.

The Department of Industrial policy and promotion plays an active role in promoting foreign investment in India in this industry by providing useful information to the investors about the investment climate and opportunities in India. The department also provides advice to prospective investors on various policies and investment procedures.

In order to promote investment in the sector, this department has greatly emphasized the development of good transportation facilities to ensure smooth transportation of bulk cement. It also aims to support the investors by providing them with R&D facilities and technological assistance.

The cement industry in India has been attracting several top-notch cement companies worldwide, which reflects the fact that this industry holds huge potential for investment. Also, due to the boom in the housing sector world-wide and the increased activity of the development of infrastructure, the demand for cement is set to increase globally. Thus, the investors having nothing to lose and are all set to benefit from investing in India’s cement industry.


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