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Last day of School

so june 17th is the last day of school/finals n i only had 1 period which was math n me n garret decided to pull a joke on garret which was he was gone call me by the name of mother dearest on my phone n the ringtone was "me so horny". Ms. kim was supposed to come over and answer the phone and she would see who it was buh i guess she was busy or mad or something buh instead she said turn it off n she said shed deduct points off my grade n im pretty sure she did. ahah hopefully she know it was a joke. garret was supposed to do another joke where he "needs to go to the bathroom" n acts as if it was already coming out of his ass. HAHA but he didnt want to cause wha i did was enough . buh yeah thank you patricia for hold the camera on your desk :) ahah hope you enjoy comment/rate/subscribe - JCilAR

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