Download Goodbye Ogo Bhalobasha - Kumar Sanu Mp3

Goodbye Ogo Bhalobasha - Kumar Sanu

Disclaimer Notice - This MP3 does not belong to me nor its my property in anyways, this is purely fan based work nothing more, just sharing a good music track, Thank You.

Okay people first of all ill put my hands up and admit and accept your criticisms that this may not be suitable for this song and vid together, but i didnt want to make it Sad and Depressing to Reality, So ive made it funny and unusual in away as the theme of the song is, is to let your frustrations of a broken heart out this way then banging your head over a bottle etc. so enjoy jackie chan at his prime. p.s this is no random vid i have all of jackie chans vids in VHS been watching him since in my teens ;) ENJOY.

All Music By Keno Dure Thako Channel

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