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Poster Title Artist Album
好想你2.0 (feat. 四葉草) Namewee 亞洲通車
Wake Up (feat. 5forty2 & Ashtaka) Namewee 亞洲通車
Little India (feat. Vinz', Jeyaganesh & Kubhasheni) Namewee 亞洲通車
Dreams from My Father (feat. Wee Ann Hee) Namewee All Eat Asia
Rain in Ho Chi Minh (Single Version) Namewee All Eat Asia
Papapa Namewee All Eat Asia
雞拜年 (feat. 發財寶) Namewee 亞洲通車
Oh My God (feat. 玖壹壹) Namewee 亞洲通車
Oh My God (feat. 玖壹壹) [電影《大顯神威》片尾曲] Namewee 《大顯神威》電影原聲帶 - Single
漂向北方 (Live) Namewee & G.E.M. 漂向北方 (Live) - Single
Thai Sad Song Namewee Asian Killer 2015
Trip to Taipei Namewee Asian Killer 2015
Learn Cantonese Namewee Asian Killer 2015
Aunty (feat. DJ Ah Fang) Namewee Asian Killer 2015
AV Star Namewee Asian Killer 2015
Funny Action (feat. Jack Neo) Namewee All Eat Asia
Geebai People Namewee All Eat Asia
K-Pop Idol Namewee Asian Killer 2015
High Pitched Namewee Asian Killer 2015
Makudonarudo (Tokyo Bon) [feat. Meu Ninomiya] Namewee All Eat Asia
Papapa Namewee Papapa - Single
Ali Ahkao Dan Muthu (feat. Dato David Arumugam & Aniq) Namewee All Eat Asia
High Pitched Together (High Pitched 2.0) [feat. Jess Lee] Namewee All Eat Asia
财神到 (feat. 黄明志) Namewee, 黄富成, Catherine Yee, 刘家溢, Celine Mow, Dennis Seow, Moon Kua, 蔡铭国 & Ribbon Ooi 福气灵门喜洋洋
Thai Cha Cha (feat. Bie The Ska) Namewee All Eat Asia
One & Only Namewee All Eat Asia
老母 (feat. 王光芳) Namewee 亞洲通車
不想上班 (feat. 肖央) Namewee 亞洲通車
來去趴踢 (feat. 黃明志) Nine One One 9453
Banglasia Namewee Asian Killer 2015
漂向北方 (feat. 王力宏) Namewee 亞洲通車
Cry Father Namewee Cry Father - Single
Rain in Ho Chi Minh (Duet Version) [feat. Ho Quang Hieu] Namewee All Eat Asia
Lover Namewee Asian Killer 2015
美人罪 (feat. 琳西.特莉) Namewee 亞洲通車
病人 (電影《大顯神威》插曲) Namewee 《大顯神威》電影原聲帶 - Single
冰的啦! (手機遊戲「六龍禦天」主題曲) Namewee 冰的啦! (手機遊戲「六龍禦天」主題曲) - Single
4896 Namewee 4896 - Single
Geebai People Namewee Geebai People - Single
Uncle Lim I'm Coming (feat. Yasin Sulaiman) Namewee Asian Killer 2015
負二代 (feat. 屁孩) Namewee 亞洲通車

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